On being an information entrepreneur


Welcome to Infonista, Kim Dority’s blog about all the incredibly cool things you can do with your information skills – and how to do them so you have fun, make money, and contribute value.

A lot of my posts will be based on what I (or my LIS friends) have learned working as an information professional for over twenty years, sometimes as an employee but mostly as the founder and president of Colorado-based Dority & Associates, Inc. Over the years, my client projects have focused primarily on information strategy, information process design, research, writing, editing, and publishing.

Throughout the course of my LIS career, I’ve had an opportunity to work with both nonprofit and for-profit organizations in publishing, academe, telecommunications, online learning, healthcare, marketing, and public relations. I’ve written a couple of books, including Rethinking Information Work (Libraries Unlimited, 2006), and am working on a couple more. Once a year I teach a course called “Alternative Career Paths for LIS Students” for the University of Denver MLIS program, and I manage the LIS Career Options group (a subgroup of ALA’s LinkedIn group) on LinkedIn.

In addition, I work with friend, LIS colleague, and social-media guru Scott Brown creating and presenting a series of LIS “career bootcamps” (webinars, face-to-face weekend workshops, and mini-online workshops) for LIS grad programs as well as for practitioners, both in-person and online. We focus on all aspects of LIS career development, from building your career in grad school to expanding your current career options to transitioning into new information roles.

And my career development? My earliest career goals were to be Annie Oakley, or Sandy Koufax so I could pitch for the Los Angeles Dodgers. My career motto:

Everything I need to know I learned bodysurfing in Southern California…

I hope the information you find in Infonista helps you create the LIS career of your dreams!