On being an information entrepreneur

Career Options

Exploring Options: Traditional Library Jobs are Just the Beginning

There are so many directions to take your library science career that part of the challenge is figuring out which of those directions to pursue first. However, sometimes it helps to frame the choices as categories of options. From librarian to independent information professional, these may include:

The Library Science Skill Set: What Kind of an Information Professional Do You Want to Be?
Which of these options seem most appealing to you? Happily, it’s not necessary to choose one and exclude all the rest. It’s only necessary to decide which you want to pursue first, and design and execute your strategy for achieving that goal. Then decide what you want to do next.

Whether you choose to pursue one of the traditional library jobs or decide to explore any of the multitude of other opportunities for which your LIS knowledge base prepares you, keep in mind that one of the best things the MLIS degree guarantees you is a lifetime of career options.